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22 Step Marketing Action Plan


Marketing Plan Objectives:

  • To expose your home to the maximum number of interested and capable buyers.
  • To educate all interested prospects of the unique features and lifestyle benefits your home offers.
  • To help get the highest possible sales price for your home.
  • To make the listing and sales process easy, convenient and problem free for you.
  • To educate and assist you in the most effective ways to present your home for the greatest buyer impression.

 Marketing Plan Steps:

1) Multiple Listing Service (MLS): Through the power of the MLS, I essentially hire all Realtors on the Big Island, to find a buyer for your home. Other than price, there is nothing more important than entering & positioning your home properly in the MLS.

2) Daily Marketing Calls: Each business day I prospect by phone looking for buyers for my listings and trying to find new listings.

3) Sign Calls: Who better to answer questions and arrange showings for potential buyers than the Realtor you hired to sell your home. My favorite call is a Sign Call; the prospective purchaser already knows about the location, features, price and curb appeal. I’ve found that I’m much more likely to sell a listing based on a Sign Call than any other form of advertising or marketing.

4) Website For Your Property: I will create a professional looking website for your property such as: 12345 Statistics show that a majority of buyers start their search for a new home by going online first, before they ever go out to look in person.

5) Professional Yard Sign: You can expect to have a professional Sign Post delivered within 72 hours of listing your home.

6) Property Flyers: I will also deliver a color, laser printer flyer, highlighting the benefits & features of your home. It is critical that we keep the flyer box full at all times; many buyers assume an empty flyer box means the home is sold.

7) Staging Advice: I’ll present you with professional advice on presenting your home to show exceptionally well, and sell for the greatest possible price.

8) Effective and Proven Results: My strategies for selling a home have proven themselves time and time again. I specialize in selling homes when other agents have failed.

9) Craigslist Advertising: Your home will be submitted and refreshed weekly on Craigslist. Many buyers actively monitor the Craigslist website considering it “the best” place to find great deals on properties and services.

10) Install Lockbox: Upon your approval, I will have a lockbox placed on your property to insure maximum exposure to other Realtors and their Buyers.

11) Showing Feedback: Whenever your home is shown I want to find out what the prospective Buyer and Realtor thought of your home. This will help us react to any negative feedback and provide more information to a Realtor whose Buyer is considering your home but uncertain about an offer.

12) Constructive Advice: I’ll suggest constructive changes if necessary to make your home more appealing, and a sale more likely, to interested buyers.

13) Financing Education: I’ll educate you and potential buyers on the numerous methods of financing the purchase of your home.

14) Home Warranty: I will make available a 1-Year Home Warranty. Statistics have shown that homes with a warranty sell faster and for more money than homes without a warranty.

15) Internet Advertising: Your home will be featured on dozens of Internet Sites. Some of the most active include, and Over the last few years, I have been able to track several sales because of these sites.

16) Market Updates: In the ever-changing real estate market it is important to keep educated and up-to-date on current listings and sales in your area and price range.

17) Salesperson vs. Consultant: I feel that people choose a Real Estate Agent for their expertise in selling and familiarity with the process. Many Real Estate Agents are put off by the term “salesperson”. They may call themselves “consultants”, “advisors”, “marketing experts”, etc. I consider myself a salesperson and work constantly on improving my sales skills. Who better to sell your home than someone who takes selling seriously.

18) Priced to Sell: After completing a Comparative Market Analysis I will recommend a price based on recent sales and current competition so your home has the best possible chance of selling without sacrificing your equity. Too often, sellers are told what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. This may get your home listed but it will not get your home sold. Even an extravagant marketing campaign cannot sell an overpriced listing.

19) Frequent Communication: I check in with you and keep you informed of my efforts to sell your home and advise you on adjustments you may want to consider.

20) Buyer Qualifications: I’ll ensure that any offers from buyers also include a pre-qualification from a lender for the greatest likelihood for an on-time and successful closing.

21) Skilled Negotiating: Receiving an offer is the goal of all our marketing efforts. Too often an agent has a casual approach when negotiating a purchase agreement. I, on the other hand, will discuss the offer with you in detail and put no pressure on you to accept an unsuitable offer. If a counteroffer is necessary we will work from a Win/Win perspective in order to have the highest chance of acceptance.

22) Closing Coordination: I’ll coordinate escrow, financing, and closing activities on your behalf to ensure a smooth, hassle-free closing.